Amsterdam Privacy Week


From 23-29 October 2015, Amsterdam will be the place to be for privacy and data protection specialist from across the globe as three renowned international privacy conferences have chosen Amsterdam as their location that week. The Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015 will last from 23-26 October, on 26th the Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC) will organize 24 paper panels at the conference venue of APC2015, and from 26-29 October, the 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference will take place. One week, three international privacy conferences! In addition, on the evening of the 28th, the Big Brother Awards will take place.



This unique interdisciplinary conference is taking place October 23-26 at the intimate venue of the Oudemanhuispoort in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is organized by the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR), an initiative of the University of Amsterdam with active participants from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, law, economics, informatics, social sciences, medical sciences and media sciences. APC 2015 will bring together leading experts in the field of privacy who will formulate, discuss and answer the challenging privacy questions that lie ahead of us. APC 2015 is the follow up of the highly successful Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2012 ( APC2015 will consist of four conference days. Friday being a public event, Saturday and Sunday the main conference days and Monday the special events day. The conference is roughly divided in six themes. These are (1) Privacy and security, (2) Privacy and the information society, (3) Privacy and healthcare, (4) Privacy and technology, (5) Commercial value of privacy, (6) Transformation of the public space and personalized communication and (7) The value and ethics of privacy.




PLSC will host 24 paper sessions at APC2015 on Monday the 26th of October 2015. PLSC assembles privacy law scholars and practitioners from around the world to discuss current issues and foster greater connections between academia and practice. It brings together privacy law scholars, privacy scholars from other disciplines (economics, philosophy, political science, computer science), and practitioners (industry, legal, advocacy, and government).

PLSC is a paper workshop. There are no published proceedings, and after the event, papers are not available. Because authors' drafts are works in progress, we do not publicly release these writings, nor do we publicize them (no Tweeting, blogging, etc.), as authors' ideas are often inchoate and need incubation for full development. At PLSC, papers workshops are led by a "commenter" who facilitates a discussion among participants on an author's paper. Authors are encouraged to participate in "listening" mode. There are no panels or talking head events at PLSC. All participants are expected to read and be prepared to discuss one paper per session (usually a total of 8 papers), and thus PLSC requires significant preparation. We recommended that participants devote 1.5 to 2 days of reading to prepare prior to the conference.



37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference

The 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference is the Conference for privacy commissioners form over the world. It is held annually. In 2015, it will be organized by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. It will take place in Amsterdam from 26-29 October 2015. More information to follow.



Big Brother Awards


Bits of Freedom invites you to the Dutch Big Brother Awards on October 28 in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, the classical theater venue in the heart of the city center. You can get your tickets now. This event will be translated and/or subtitled for non-Dutch speakers. Every year, the Big Brother Awards pays tribute to the creme de la creme of privacy offenders. Individuals, corporations and governments who have distinguished themselves the past year by grossly infringing on citizens’ privacy and freedom have a shot at taking home either the Audience Award or the Expert Award. Hereby Bits of Freedom asks your attention for the state of affairs concerning the right to privacy in the Netherlands. The next Big Brother Awards will take place on Wednesday October 28, 2015 at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Leading up to the Awards, the audience has the opportunity to nominate candidates. Those who get the most mentions will make up the shortlist and be in the run for the Audience Award. From this shortlist, the audience chooses the final winner. Additionally, an Expert Award is presented in order to draw attention to privacy infringements that may not have received as much consideration in the media or from the larger audience. Bits of Freedom relies on academics, columnists, activists and professionals to put forward nominees. The winners of the 2014 Dutch Big Brother Awards were the Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten (Audience Award) and the Dutch Schools (Expert Award).